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We have to work hard in order to satisfy our skills since then we can create less resource-consuming environments for a better world. We are responsible for it.

The better is possible!

We believe that every company is a technology company. Whether you will use Saas products to catch the technology or you will build them. 

We need to raise the bar of professional work by practicing it and helping others learn the craft. Tomorrow must be better than yesterday with less using less source and waste. 

One thing makes us feel happy about it.

We have the power and the potential to do it.

We love our job!

Our work is a big part of our life and it bothers us to be squeezed into working particular hours. Therefore,  we are happy to meet with people who has the passion to learn and improve. the ecosystem

Expressing yourself is an essential thing so understand yourself in order to find what you want. 

We fight for good

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July 2017

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Hedef Odaklı Siber Saldırılar, Uygulamalı ve Security Hardening

Entegrasyonlar sistemleri birbirine bağladıkça güvenlik konusu büyük önem kazanıyor. Bu konuda 1.0 düzeyinde güvenlik sistemlerini atlatmak ve sistemlere saldırılarda bulunma yolları ile birlikte saldırıları kısıtlamak için hardening metodları üzerine konuşacağız. …